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What's holding you back? You can say it in a lot of different ways but the answer always comes back to YOUR FEARS.   Start viewing your fears as barriers between you, your true self, and your goals.   I believe everyone at their core is bold and fearless ...
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Motivation is key to any success. But motivation becomes hard to find when you’ve been trudging in darkness for so long. Most people feel this either their third year of college or during the “super-senior” years (those years that surpass the fourth). So what do you do? No matter what ...
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1. Perfection is Perception There is no such thing as perfect. There will never be a guy/gal to fit your perfect description of a mate, there will never be a job that crosses every 't' and dots every 'i,' there will never be a friend that never gets on your ...
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It's time for my professional association's conference banquet. An old college buddy has invited me to be her date. I'm excited. I used to attend these kinds of professional networking events all the time in college and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wash my hair and leave-in conditioner it up. I ...
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Short answer: Nope. (sources cited at end) Racism was taught and institutionalized by some of the leaders of our nation. Franklin said, “Look there’s not a lot of us. They outnumber us. Let’s stop bringing them over here so we can keep this to ourselves.” Jefferson said, “They’re innately beneath ...
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