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This section is dedicated to primarily anime reviews but also to pictures, clips, any cosplays I might do, et cetera.

If you have an anime that you think I should watch and/or review or characters I should cosplay let me know and I’ll see what I can make happen!

Until then, remember the great words of the Miyagusku family from Blood +

Nan Kuru Nai Sa


The Next Anime Classic: World Trigger

SLIGHT-SPOILER SUMMARY:   This anime world is built around the use of an energy source called trion. Trion is produced from an invisible gland next to the heart (If you've watched Naruto, what it is and how they use it is the equivalent of chakra.) The people use trion to operate Triggers ...
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One Punch Man: Does it live up to the hype?

NON-SPOILER SUMMARY:  Saitama, the protagonist of this superhero parody, is an average guy who serves as an average hero. A nonchalant and somewhat clueless man in a very serious world, he finds himself in many situations that he just couldn't care less about. His massive strength leaves both him and ...
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An Anime Classic: Blood+

NON-SPOILER SUMMARY: You follow the life of the charming, impossibly athletic, Saya, who is living with her two brothers and father in Okinawa, Japan. Suddenly, she is attacked by a monster and her whole world changes when she finds out the life she's been living is a lie and the man ...
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Anime Review: Kill La Kill (No Spoilers)

NON-SPOILER SUMMARY: A girl, Ryuko Matoi, searches for the murderer of her father within a high school that is more like a military training camp. It is a fast-paced, comedy-filled, action anime with daring antics. GOOD INTRO ANIME FOR NEWBIES?: Yes! OVERALL RATING:  A- ................................................. This anime explores clothing as literal ...
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Naruto: My First Anime Love

Anyone who knows me knows that Naruto is an anime close to my heart. I've grown up with it and it was actually what first drew me in to anime. I had seen the Dragon Ball series and Pokemon and more but they didn't get me hooked like Naruto did. But ...
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