An Anime Classic: Blood+

Blood+.full.266860NON-SPOILER SUMMARY: You follow the life of the charming, impossibly athletic, Saya, who is living with her two brothers and father in Okinawa, Japan. Suddenly, she is attacked by a monster and her whole world changes when she finds out the life she’s been living is a lie and the man she has been calling father is full of secrets.

GOOD INTRO ANIME FOR NEWBIES?: Maybe. This is a hit or miss kind of show.

OVERALL RATING:  a solid A-mazing

By today’s standards, this show would probably be considered PG-13. When it came out in 2005, it was considered a rated-R program. Why? Well, all the blood of course! Full of sword-swinging, gun-cocking, love conflicting, tragedy-inducing action jam packed into 50 episodes, Blood+ is a show that was built to keep you on your toes. 

If you want something to pull at your heart strings but lead you on with a compelling and well-thought-out story, take a gander at what Blood+ has to offer.

So, I’m not sure if this actually is an anime classic but with all the press it first got – its TV ratings, big screen movie, spin-offs – I believe it qualifies for the title of modern-day anime classic though it may not be on the forefront of the anime scene today.

I first got into it because I saw the family was from Okinawa, Japan – where I am from – but, once I watched the first episode, I was hooked and my world became Netflix for the next couple of days.

Attempting to continue to not give too much away, this anime would most well be aligned with those who enjoy the werewolf-vampire type of science fiction with this being the equivalent of a vampire saga. It is one of the shows in the Blood series which both have main characters named Saya (but we’ll save all that information for another post).

Here’s what makes this anime stand out from many:


The story is something filled with twists and turns and completely thought out from beginning to middle to end. There isn’t something that the writers just threw in there. Each scene, each moment, serves a purpose and filler (episodes that don’t move the story along) are pretty much non-existent. You’re just going to have to be a super fan to find the plot holes in this one and I don’t have enough time on my hands to be that person.

The compelling drama is fueled by mystery as the story unravels slowly yet steadily one episode at a time from season one to season three.


These characters. These characters will make you fall in love and rip your heart out all at once. They grow, they change, they die, are reborn. They tug on you because of the amount of love they feel for each other and the dedication they have toward one another.


So, yes, this is a subcategory of story but every AMAZING anime has to have a great foundation otherwise known as the backstory. Though they never completely give you some information, what they do (eventually) give you is compelling and enough to give your imagination a whirl.

Nankurunaisa (nan – cooroo – nye- sah) is the family motto. It loosely translates to “Everything in the end will be fine” or “This too shall pass” as the American saying goes. It’s really a driving force for the story and backstory as it seems this is just the unluckiest family that ever walked the earth, or the luckiest depending on your point of view.

If you would like to fall in love, be torn a part & be married to your couch for a couple of days, I suggest you pick up Blood+

PS: This series is in English so enjoy that non-subbers! =D


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