Are We Making Up This Institutional Racism Thing?

Short answer: Nope. (sources cited at end)

13528065_998871370233239_2402094719617809852_oRacism was taught and institutionalized by some of the leaders of our nation.

Franklin said, “Look there’s not a lot of us. They outnumber us. Let’s stop bringing them over here so we can keep this to ourselves.”
Jefferson said, “They’re innately beneath us. They’re ugly. We’re more elegant. Our hair looks better. Our skin looks better. They can withstand heat but we can withstand cold. All of this makes us better.”
Lincoln said, “They are humans who can and should have rights, as long as they’re beneath us.”
Berry said, “We’ve got them cornered, now let’s get rid of their hope. If we can break their spirits, we’ll emasculate them. Then we won’t have to live in fear of them anymore.”
This is a small snippet of easily accessible history. It’s our history, our nation’s history. These ideas are still the basis of racial disputes today between majority and minorities.

Don’t tell me institutionalized racism is made up when the very people our ancestors looked up to taught it.

When you say keep the immigrants out, you sound kind of like Ben.
When you say Caucasian people are the standard of beauty, when you say coarser hair is “bad” hair, you sound like Jefferson.
When you say you don’t want other races’ populations to increase within this country because you’ll lose the edge and you don’t want another race over you (and I’ve heard that from people other than Caucasians), you sound like Lincoln.
When you only use ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ whenever ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ appears and not in reference to any other events that it would justly apply to, you sound like Berry. When you say, if he wouldn’t have been dressed in that way he wouldn’t have been killed because a black man shouldn’t look the least bit threatening, you sound like Berry.
You know, there’s a possibility I’m wrong. I’m open to that. However, we live in the information age with all knowledge virtually at our fingertips. I’ve researched for years and years on all sides of history I can manage to find and this is the truth I’ve come to.

I’m asking you to do the same, to find your truth. Prove your knowledge.

And when you do, if you too see this issue that I see, instead of sweeping it under the rug, stand up and help fix it. No one should be blaming anyone. We just need to recognize the problem and work from here to fix it.I plan on helping but I think I may need some help.

Regardless, I’m going to speak out with or without any of you.

Some of these quotes in the picture are taken out of context but are still worth looking into. If you fancy a read for yourself:
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