Anime Review: Kill La Kill (No Spoilers)


downloadNON-SPOILER SUMMARY: A girl, Ryuko Matoi, searches for the murderer of her father within a high school that is more like a military training camp. It is a fast-paced, comedy-filled, action anime with daring antics.




This anime explores clothing as literal weapons in a style of drawing that is new and modern yet somehow nods at an older style of cartoons and anime with its line work and shadowing.

If you are afraid of nudity – this show isn’t for you.

If you like comedy with fast passed action – this show is for you.

If you think you can handle some barely-masked social satire mixed with some questionably dramatic rants – welcome to the world of Kill la Kill.

Originally set up to be a three episode special in 2013, Kill la Kill’s pilot episode was so popular that it received a full blown series.

It is a short series full of action and few filler episodes (episodes that don’t contribute to the movement of the story but are stuck in there to “fill” the space, side stories if you will).

It reminds me of what made me fall in love with anime in the first place.

The way it calls out the government’s flaws, the problems with dividing into social classes and the mentalities that come with them, the corruption caused by power, I can go on. All of this is wrapped up in constant fights. Literally within the first sixty seconds of the pilot you get a full-fledged fight.

BTWs, I’m not saying I completely agree with or disagree with the satirical content, I’m just saying I enjoy the conversations Kill La Kill has to offer.

As a matter of fact, some of the content seems overly stuffed and reaching rather than making the perfect analogies it’s striving for.

However, my favorite animes, my favorite TV shows, my favorite movies, my favorite entertainment makes me think.

But don’t worry, if you just want to watch some kick-butt action and not think about the message, you don’t have to pay attention to that.

There’s enough plot and plot twists within this 24 episode series (plus one bonus episode) to keep you binge watching for one whole night or a whole week depending on your personal preference.

Because of the brevity of the series, the quick pace, and the relatively easy dialogue I’d say this is a good introduction anime for anyone who wants to jump in and try a different culture.

If you have a network provider you can watch it in English here at Cartoon Network’s Toonami. Or, you can watch it in Japanese, with subtitles, with the original non-edited dialogue here at

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