Do You Know What Your Life Spark Is?

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Someone asked me to write them something straight from my heart just now. For the life of me I couldn’t think of anything.

What’s in my heart?

What exactly is in my heart?

I had a brain fart for a minute trying to write because I am not in the best place emotionally. All I wanted to write about is everything that is ticking me off, stressing me out, etc. I started over several times because, as I wrote, I realized those things and those emotions are not my heart and, to write on such temporary bruises would be putting them on a pedestal they did not deserve.

Oftentimes we confuse our hearts with our emotional states. Even the colloquialism “follow your heart” tends to imply that you will follow your emotions rather than your logic.

But your heart isn’t and shouldn’t be in anyway linked to your emotional state. Your heart is your core.

Even in the literal since, your heart is your core.

Your heart is your core thoughts, your core state of mind, your core beliefs, your core dreams; it is your foundation.

So, my friend, let me give you something from my foundation. Let me show you a piece of me.

This World Sucks

That is a very strong belief that I hold very close to me. Our world is broken and it seems as if much more of it is wrong than is correct. I look around me and, at times, lose hope.

Laws and constitutions were written for societies that don’t even exist anymore yet we still use them.

Our governments set wonderful examples for their people by spending money we don’t have, creating large deficits.

Delayed gratification is almost a cuss phrase; responsibility is pretty much a cuss word; self-control is almost an obsolete concept.  Everyone does everything within their power to avoid the aforementioned from friends-with-benefits relationships, to refusing to save money because you want something now, to hopping from one scheme to another rather than building a legacy you can reap the benefits from.

Being stupid, promiscuous and cynical is not only the preferred norm but being smart, monogamous and positive is becoming (if not already) highly frowned upon.

Having standards and hard lines is looked at as being old school and behind the times whereas I believe you should call a dog a dog and stop trying to coddle everyone.

This world sucks. However, I have a driving spark within me (kind of like the transformers) that tells me I have to care that is sucks and I have to do something about it.

I Have To Change The World

Yes, the other nagging feeling that eats at my soul is I can’t leave this mess the way it was when I showed up.

There’s a lot of large problems in this world and I have to do my part to fix what I can while I’m here.


Many people have adopted a laissez faire mindset and love sweeping things under the rug.

Why do I care?

I don’t want kids and, to be frank, I don’t necessarily care about what I leave to the next generation. That’s mean and selfish, I know. I’m just being honest. Who I do care about are the people here currently and currently suffering because of our messed up world.

I live my life by the mantra “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and I just would hate for someone to let me sit around being tormented. I would hope that someone would want to help me and would want to so strongly that they would actually help me.

I can’t close my eyes to all of the horror in this world or all of the twistedness because this world needs someone to care.

Too many people don’t care anymore. Too many people can’t look past their own needs and wants and can’t see how their choices are destroying not just them but those around them and those they come into contact with.

A person with an attitude that refuses self-control and responsibility is doomed to destroy all they come into contact with. Just pay attention to what happens when you use that mindset. How many things succeed, how many things do you accomplish that ultimately – not temporarily – benefit you?

Someone asked me to write from my heart and I think I’ve done that, but I’ve got a little bit more to say.

I Believe In Hope

Believe it or not, hope is something that is also frowned upon in our society today. Hope is for the weak and the weak-minded. Hope is for the naive and childish.

On the contrary my dear society, hope is for the strong.

It takes a strong person to wake up everyday and hope.

It takes a strong person to lose their child and still hope.

It takes a strong person to lose their parents and still hope.

It takes a strong person to lose all their scholarships and still hope.

It takes a strong person to emerge from an abusive relationship and still hope.

It takes a strong person to escape from rape and still hope.

It takes a strong person to not know how they’re going to buy food the next day and still hope.

It takes a strong person to go to a job they hate everyday and still hope.

Dismissing hope is the easy choice. It takes no self-control. You no longer are responsible for your future nor do you have to wait to receive your gratification.

So why is hope one of my core, foundational beliefs?

Because, without hope, I can’t dream.

Hope is that driving spark I carry with me that I told you about earlier. It’s my reason I can look past the sucky world and know I need to help. It’s the reason I can get up every morning.

I am a dreamer.

Always have been, always will be. But that characteristic is derivative from my hope.

In a world that has lost so much hope and has chosen to be cynical and sterile, it is that much more important that I hold on to mine.

And, if you didn’t understand even one part of those explanations I provided, you are one of those people that I hold onto my hope for.

I’ve got to fix it. For me but mainly for you.

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