Naruto: My First Anime Love

Anyone who knows me knows that Naruto is an anime close to my heart. I’ve grown up with it and it was actually what first drew me in to anime. I had seen the Dragon Ball series and Pokemon and more but they didn’t get me hooked like Naruto did.

But how great is this anime really? 

Naruto is a super successful  manga (Japanese comic book) and anime about the journey of a young outcast on his path to restoring peace. In a world full of warring ninjas who have all been scarred, he attempts to be the best, heal the brokenhearted, and become Hokage (the leader) of his village. Lots of action. Lots of dramatic speeches. But something original? No.

It’s an attention grabber definitely but this anime really is pretty basic. It follows a cliche anime scheme filled with even cliche-er life lessons. Meaning it’s a typical “under-dog conquers all” kind of anime where the main character reiterates whenever possible that you can overcome anything and can be positive no matter what.

This doesn’t necessary dismiss the awesomeness of the anime though.

No, it’s not the most creative as far as plots and originality of plots go, but it is an action-filled anime which (when you skip over filler episodes) is packed with twists and turns and enough cliff hangers to give the most avid rock climber a thrill. This combined with the world of ninja which is packed full of monsters – both human and of the spirit world – and lots of different amazing ninjitsu’s which borederline on magic is enough to keep this series going strong for over 10 years now.

And, even though it’s cliche, there’s something encouraging about a kid who can stay pure-hearted in the face of EVERYTHING which draws me in time and time again. Even when he makes mistakes or loses himself in anger, Naruto is a character with deeply rooted values that he bases his whole life around. His hardheadedness makes him a tough student and a tough opponent and his soft heart makes him an ever-kind soul with an even kinder mission.

What Naruto lacks in creativity-of-plot it definitely makes up for in personality.

Every character shown has an in-depth background that is sure to be explored. Every character is well developed and serves a purpose (and if they don’t they just haven’t gotten to show you their story yet but, trust me, they will).
You’ll fall in love again and again. You’ll lose your favorite just for them to replaced with a new character who shows up on the scene. Your mouth with gape in awe at the battle scenes as both parties charge up and seemingly invent new moves on the spot. So if you’re ready to connect with characters, explore different fighting styles, learn life lessons, practice your hand signs as you hope you’ll one day use ninjitsu, and do this all while having your heart strings pulled every step of the way, then I suggest catching up on the antics of our little hero Naruto. 

Go to to get started =) Start with Naruto not Naruto Shippuden. 

And if you already are a Naruto junkie then tell me:

Who’s your favorite Character?

What’s your favorite episode?

Hinata/Naruto or Sakura/Naruto?  

Let me know just how Amazing this Anime is!


    • Yes! I was so happy when they finally did that! I personally am for HInata and Naruto but then again I like the whole “noticing the person who noticed you all along thing” and Sakura can just be married to her fists for all I care.

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