Naturally Enhanced

This section of my blog is dedicated to helping women of every complexion and size explore make-up, hair, and fashion so that they can embrace themselves  in a way that is authentic to their personal beauty. 

This section also addresses my experiences as an African-American woman. 

That being said,

I am all for make-up as long as it is an extension of self.

My make-up that I use expresses who I am on the daily. Whether I’m happy, sad, feeling creative, or simply want to enhance a feature for that day, my make-up doesn’t hide who I am it simply exemplifies it.

The same goes for my hair.

Many African-American women are now going natural. When I did it some years ago, it was about discovering myself.

My funky personality just didn’t fit into a perm. My curly, frizzy and rarely tamed fro just spelled out   “C H A R M I E   J A Y” from the get go.

I believe in beauty.

I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way and they simply must grasp unto what makes their beauty unique in order to make this truth known.  It is my hope that with a little hair, make-up, and fashion advice I can help jumpstart ladies on their journeys to self-acceptance; help them stay away from the artificial molds of the media and help all become

Naturally Enhanced


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