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Under this tags you’ll mainly find advice articles and my gripes about what really grinds my gears.

Please, feel free to rant with me and maybe we can let our voices be heard above all this noise in the world.


What’s Holding You Back?

What's holding you back? You can say it in a lot of different ways but the answer always comes back to YOUR FEARS.   Start viewing your fears as barriers between you, your true self, and your goals.   I believe everyone at their core is bold and fearless. As ...
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When You Feel Like You Can’t Go On….

Motivation is key to any success. But motivation becomes hard to find when you’ve been trudging in darkness for so long. Most people feel this either their third year of college or during the “super-senior” years (those years that surpass the fourth). So what do you do? No matter what ...
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5 Lessons Learned So Far This Year

1. Perfection is Perception There is no such thing as perfect. There will never be a guy/gal to fit your perfect description of a mate, there will never be a job that crosses every 't' and dots every 'i,' there will never be a friend that never gets on your ...
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Are We Making Up This Institutional Racism Thing?

Short answer: Nope. (sources cited at end) Racism was taught and institutionalized by some of the leaders of our nation. Franklin said, “Look there’s not a lot of us. They outnumber us. Let’s stop bringing them over here so we can keep this to ourselves.” Jefferson said, “They’re innately beneath ...
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My Biggest Flaw When I Love Someone Is….

After years of wondering what I was doing wrong when it came to choosing my mate and even my friendships I finally figured out the answer: I fall in love with people's souls instead of their characters.  I've always had a very high spiritual intelligence. Outside of the Christian world ...
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Zootopia – A Race & Politics Discussion That Tried Too Hard

SMALL SPOILERS AHEAD  I have mixed feelings about Zootopia. I appreciate that the movie TRIED to have a race conversation as well as discuss current political issues but the movie came across as reaching more than delving. This can be attributed to the fact that the main screenwriter was a ...
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WOKE & DEAF: We Have Open Minds & Closed Ears

How come nobody is listening to what they need? It seems we all have an opinion on every topic yet nobody looks to the sources they need in their own personal lives. A few things: I took a class on Race, Gender, and Media in Communications which is essentially about ...
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Do You Know What Your Life Spark Is?

Watch this post or read the transcript below:  Someone asked me to write them something straight from my heart just now. For the life of me I couldn't think of anything. What's in my heart? What exactly is in my heart? I had a brain fart for a minute trying ...
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The Struggle of Being An Analytical Introvert

I like me. I think I'm pretty swell. However, I have a personality type that is not one that many people are used to interacting with (according to Meyer-Briggs). And that just makes life, well, difficult. So in this #RandomRant let me just explain a few things: IT'S NOT THAT ...
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How Race & Identity Mingle citing Rachel Dolezal’s story

Clearly, Rachel is a big thing right now. So let me put my two cents in. A BRIEF OVERVIEW: As a person with African-American ancestry, I’m not angry, I’m not offended. I believe we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to discuss how your (socially constructed idea of) race and your personal ...
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