The Next Anime Classic: World Trigger


This anime world is built around the use of an energy source called trion. Trion is produced from an invisible gland next to the heart (If you’ve watched Naruto, what it is and how they use it is the equivalent of chakra.)

The people use trion to operate Triggers to fight off other-dimensional aliens known as Neighbors who are abducting citizens for their own nefarious purposes. These Triggers create bodies and weapons made completely out of trion so, when the user is in their trion suit, they are in no harm of dying because it is not their actual body that is fighting.

In order to combat the Neighbors, an agency called Border is formed. Border works to train Trigger-using agents and zone the attacks of the neighbors to keep all humans safe.

World Trigger premiered on October 5, 2014.

GOOD INTRO ANIME FOR NEWBIES?: Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes.

OVERALL RATING:  An Amazing B+ with lots of potential to become an A


I stumbled across this anime about three weeks ago. I randomly clicked on it on one of my anime sites.

Great decision, Charmie Jay, good job to you.

World Trigger has great characters, great story arc, a great concept. It’s just pretty great. Then why does it only get a B+ ? Well, let’s dive into it.

Great Characters

Let’s talk about the main trio of the story – the border agents Yuma, Osamu, and Chika.


Kuga Yuma in his Black Trigger


Firstly, we have Yuma – a kick-butt, little, white-haired dude whose awesomeness comes from the years he trained and fought alongside his father who was an epic soldier. Also, he’s a Neighbor yet he’s fighting for the other side.

Yuma is very laid back and, though naive about Japanese culture because he is a foreigner, it is very clear that he is actually exceptionally smart and observant.  He’s a sad boy hiding behind aloofness, gaining his joy from defeating enemies on the battlefield with his friends. Depressed and alone, Yuma is fighting to give himself purpose. 

He is the deuteragonist of this story.

Mikumo Osamu in his Class B Trigger


The protagonist of the story is Osamu. Osamu is a character built for a majority audience to love. He’s the underdog character who never gives up (an archetype we see a lot in anime). What makes his version of underdog more unique is the that, unlike with many other anime universes, there’s not much he can do to better himself. Yes, he can train. Yes, he can learn better fighting techniques. However, Osamu was born with a trion organ that produces very low trion. Since trion is what powers all their weapons, this means that his supply of power is low. This, however, does not stop him. Osamu instead decides to rely on his best attribute – his brain.

He decides to fight smarter not harder.

Osamu acts as a great foil to Yuma as Osamu is all brains and Yuma relies on his brawn. As I stated previously, Yuma is exceptionally smart and well-experienced in battle; but Osamu is a better strategist and knows how to utilize team strength. Their philosophies on life also highly differ due to their contrasting life experiences.

Though he is the weakest of the three (and possibly of the entire world), it is Osamu’s strategic mind that earns him the title of team captain.


Amatori Chika in a training Trigger


Then we have Chika, the tritagonist.

We don’t know too much about her but the little bit we do know is appetizing.  She is a sweet-natured, tiny, weapon of mass destruction who is the younger sister of Osamu’s previous tutor. Her unbelievable amount of trion she was born with makes every Trigger she holds the ultimate tool of war. As a sniper-in-training, Chika accidentally blew a hole in the Border headquarters due to her insurmountable amount of trion powering the gun. It is this trion that has made the Neighbors target her since she was a small child.

Invariably, her high amount of trion places all near her in great danger as they try to protect her from the abductors. This causes Chika to join Border – so that she can learn to protect herself and stop being heavily reliant on others.

Great Story Arc

Such great characters can only lead to a great story arc. If you can skip pass the reviews they do at the beginning of every episode (very annoying) you can actually see it. The writers are skilled pacers, revealing just the right amount of information at a time, egging you on with breadcrumbs.

This isn’t the deepest story though. So, if you’re looking for a brain teaser, look elsewhere. It’s written to be enjoyable with slight moments of brain-tickling. 

This anime is also set up to be one that runs for years.  Many animes are trending toward the 24-26 episode format nowadays. At 56 episodes in, we don’t have to worry about that. I’m pretty happy about that as I’d love to have another anime to watch for my whole life. We’ll just have to wait and see what they decide to do.

So Why the B+? Why Not An A? 

Unfortunately, the story-telling style and the pacing are becoming overly repetitive. Basically, Osamu gets in over his head and either strategizes something magnificent or Kuga saves him and, if all else fails, Chika shoots a gun. The repetitive format kills the suspense for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the stories are still great! As I already said, this isn’t a show with a lot of twists and turns, it’s actually pretty simplistic. It’s made to be enjoyed not to be explored.

So if you can dig that, then check it out now while it’s in the developmental stages.

As it is a fairly new anime, it is not available with English dub (actors speaking English)  but there is the subtitled version for you non-Japanese speakers. (I’m currently studying so I’m no longer among you…completely).

Check out World Trigger here on and come back here and tell me what you think.


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